September 21, 2015

TOR Wars

Episode 001 is UP!  Please tell us what you think!


  1. Solid premiere. The information about Tor and online privacy was very well presented, and really made the case of why the subject is an important one. Too many people equate a desire for privacy with a desire to engage in illegal activity, and you dispelled that pretty handily without getting preachy. You also described the Tor network in good generic terms that were easily absorbed by someone not familiar with the concept.

    The second half started out a bit weak, in that it seemed off-topic for a podcast called Libraryland. You did pull it around to the subject of Libraries and incorporating the phenomenon into your collections, community programs, etc., but there was about 15 minutes where I was going on faith that this would come around to libraries again. A little reassurance at the beginning of the segment would have set my mind at ease and let me enjoy the subject more seamlessly.

    Overall the discussion was good; it didn't ramble, and the production values were solid. Thanks, I'll be waiting to hear your next installment.

  2. Thank you, Keith! We always knew we would wander away from library topics, since many of us on the crew are geeks and want to talk geek. I purposely put a non-library topic in the first episode to pin that expectation down. I should have been more explicit within the segment as I did so.