November 15, 2015

Episode 005 - Playing Video Games

Episode 5 is out! It's all about video games in libraries, featuring Mike, JP, and Faythe!

periodic table of controllers V.2.5 UPDATED
Total Length: 00:50:00
00:01:00 Playing Video Games
-- 00:01:47 Games we play, and games our patrons play
-- 00:12:48 Reading literacy and book tie-ins
-- 00:15:36 Developing a video game collection
-- 00:18:57 Using bandwidth
-- 00:21:35 Video games turned into movies
-- 00:22:58 How we got started in gaming
-- 00:27:38 Gender and video games
-- 00:40:58 Implementing programs

Games mentioned: Minecraft, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Street Fighter series, Halo series, Grand Theft Auto series, Lara Croft series, Tetris, and more.

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